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Winstar is a brand new online casino. It does have somewhat of a generic name, and I know that this is going to put a lot of people off, but it shouldn’t. Winstar is actually run by a top gambling company in the United Kingdom, which means it is remarkably safe to gamble here.

Intro & First Impressions 

We won’t lie to you and say that the site looks brilliant at first glance, because it does not. However, this is likely something that will be improved over the coming weeks and months. They have only just launched, after all.
Winstar has managed to pack a lot of information onto its front page, and oddly enough they are not too heavy with the ‘ads’.

This is a brilliant start. However, some people, including me, do not like to be overwhelmed with a ton of information. If the designers could give some of the design elements on the page space to ‘breathe’ then that would have been fantastic.

That being said, they aren’t really doing anything different from other online casinos in terms of their design, so if it is working for those other online casinos, then why wouldn’t they use it? On the front page, you have a list of your jackpots, and you have the most popular games. This means that you have a ton of information that you can ‘use’. Nothing on that front page is pointless.

What we will say, however, is that the list of winners, which updates every time somebody nets themselves some cash, is a lot more realistic than some of the other online casinos that you stumble across out there. It updates fairly frequently, but the prizes people are winning just seems ‘real’.

That is not to say that other online casinos are using fake stats here, because that would probably be against the UK Gambling Commission’s rules, but seeing lists of people winning thousands of quid repeatedly just seems...odd to me.

winstar jackpot games

Game Selection

Winstar Casino works with some of the biggest players in the industry, so you have games from the likes of NetEnt here. It is mostly going to be slots, but there are other games that you can sink your teeth into, although more on those in a short while.

As mentioned previously; Winstar Casino is run by a large gambling company in the UK. They are part of GAN PLC, which spends a lot of time gaining money from developing games and software for other online casinos. This actually works to your benefit.

There are not a lot of new online casinos which can launch with exclusive games, but Winstar Casino has. While their exclusive slots are nowhere near as popular as NetEnt slots (in true hipster fashion, you have probably never heard of them), they are a surprising amount of fun to play, and Winstar has put a lot of effort into making them look decent. For many people, it is these quirky exclusives which give them a reason to sign up to Winstar. In fact, it is one of the main reasons why I am spending my time playing at Winstar right now. I really do love the exclusives.

On top of those slots, you have a ton of table games, live gambling, and some instant win games. Pretty much standard for any online casino and definitely a must for new online casinos too. Some of these are going to be using software developed by GAN PLC and others will be your standard games that you will have played elsewhere. All of them are going to be great.

Mobile Casino

You can play the bulk of the games that Winstar Casino offers ‘on the go’. This includes all of their exclusives. I must admit that their mobile site actually looks better than the normal website, no doubt because they wanted to target the market where the most cash is at the moment. Everything is so clearly laid out, and there is no additional software that you need to download.


I won’t talk too much about promotions right now, because this is a new online casino and they are subject to change (the latest promotions will always be listed on this page), but rest assured they are always going to be brilliant. Not just in terms of your welcome bonus, but the loyalty bonus too.

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