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Best USA Casino Sites:
Casinos Which Accept American Players

Casino sites in the USA are not anywhere near as common as the rest of the world. You think they would be, considering the USA is often known as the home of ‘top casinos’. However, they are not. There are several different reasons for this, mostly related to different legislation around the country. Most states rely on ‘older’ legislation (we are talking prohibition era legislation) with regards to gambling.

This means that they do not have gambling laws related to online at all. The internet was not around when these laws were written! In recent years, a number of top online casinos have pulled out of the country too. This is, mainly, down to the fact that many banks were not dealing with online casinos. This made it tough for people to gamble and the like. Not a good experience!

Thankfully, things are starting to change. While online gambling is not as rampant in the US as it is in, say, Europe. It is likely that the industry will explode in the coming years and the country will end up playing host to some of the best online casinos.

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Is it legal to play online casino games in the United States?

Of course, it is legal! We are not going to recommend top casino sites if it were illegal. We are not criminals. However, you do need to be aware that the actual ‘legality’ will be dependent on several factors.

The first is where you are located. While there is no federal law which states whether you can gamble online or not, there are several state laws in place. You will need to check what the laws are in your own individual state.

It is worth noting that many states are now introducing legislation to make it legal to gamble online. New Jersey was the first and it has started somewhat of a chain reaction to allowing casino websites in a multitude of states. At the time of writing, at least eight other states are considering legislation. Nevada and Delaware have introduced legislation which makes playing poker online legal, but not quite other online casino games now.

One of the unique things to note is that, according to legislation, it is not really the person that is gambling which will get criminal charges. It will be the casino that allows them to bet. If an online casino allows you to gamble with them, then you can be sure that you will be safe playing online. It means that you will have met the legal requirements.

The one thing to note is that while there are no federal laws against gambling online, there are federal laws which limit banks and payment processors when it comes to dealing with gambling transactions. This is why you may have heard about so many online casinos which pulled out of the US a few years ago. It was impossible for them to operate!

What makes a good casino and what should you be looking for?

Obviously, when the main thing you want to be on the lookout for when it comes to an online casino is whether they are legitimate. The problem with gambling being so restricted in the US is that there are plenty of websites out there which are less-than-honest about their intentions. You want to avoid those.

One of the main reasons as to why we put together this list of the best gambling sites was to ensure that you could avoid them. We do not want you playing on those terrible websites! We want you playing on legal websites. Anything that you find listed on this site has been personally vetted by us.

Games & Slots Available: Game selection is also going to be a big choice. You may be heading to an online casino with the intention of playing one game, but it is going to be common for a person to become bored and want to dive into something else. To us, the more games there are, the merrier the experience!

Casino Bonsues & Value: We will also look at the bonuses the online casino gives you for signing up! This is basically ‘free money’ and will allow you to get the most out of the online casino pretty sharpish! Casino bonuses do vary, so we will always keep up to date with the latest ones in the industry.

If you are considering online casinos for USA players, then we have put together a decent list that you can dive into. We have a good collection of casino reviews in USA which should make the whole thing a lot easier. Have a look at our list of our top USA casino sites now!